Tuesday, March 17, 2009

amani's shaif nafsu اماني شايف نفسه

اللي شايف نفسه
he who looks at himself
بكرا انسيه نفسو
tommorrow forgets himself
لو قابلته او سمعت حسه
if i met or heard from him now
مش ح ارد عليه
i would not answer him
اللي عاشها عليا
he who depends on me
صبره بس شويا
i have just a bit of patience for him
نويهالو ع اللي عمل
i'm going to do something to him
و فيا بكرا انا ح اوريه
and tommorrow i will get back at him
ح اسيبه يعيش
i will let him live
وبرده ح اعيش وبعده عامله انا حسابه
and i will live and survive and still he does it and i take it into account
عشان في ناس
because there are people
كده ما بتجيش
like that that are cruel
غير لما يا قلبي يتسابوا
otherwise when my heart leaves him
هو كده لو عاجبه
he is such if i like him
وان ماكنش ده عاجبه
and such if i don't like him
لو ح يجي ح اقله اللي عاجبه
and if he comes i will tell him what he wants
مش ح اقرب ليه
i will not get near him
اصلي مش محتاجة
because i don't need him
من هواه ولا حاجة
and i don't need any of his love
هو لسه شاف يا قلبي حاجة
he still doesn't understand what i need
من اللي ح اعمله فيه
he will see what i'll do to him


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